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Do any of you know if there is a way yet to make filters here, and if so, what it is? I'm primarily concerned with posting/access filters rather than reading filters, but I'm not going to turn down information.

If there is no way, be forewarned that I may basically, for an unknown amount of time, remove a good deal of people, or even everyone, from my access list. This shouldn't reflect on anyone other than me, and does not hold true for any other social networking site, including LJ.
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Access Filters are here:

(From the menu: Organize > Manage Filters)

There are no reading filters yet, but it's being worked on.

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The only reading filters you can access are those in the navigation bar (communities, feeds, and journals only).

I've been using sub-access-list filters here successfully... at least I think so (I log in with my openID to doublecheck who can view them.)