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firinel ([personal profile] firinel) wrote2009-04-24 03:10 pm
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I haven't posted yet because I don't know what to post. I was thinking of Dream Width has this bright new beginning, and trying to suss out what precisely I wanted to begin, but the yawning openess has been kind of intimidating for me. The longer I go without posting, though, the more that's the case, so I suppose the best thing to do is just go ahead and post.
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Hello! I love you! <3
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p.s. there's something up with your style such that it's difficult for other people to leave you comments. I'll show you it in the morning <3
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[personal profile] bohemianmoon 2009-05-03 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! I'm glad you were able to fix the style issue so I could comment. I just wanted to mention that I'm aditu at livejournal, in case you are wondering why I've subscribed to your journal. :)
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